Meeple Cufflinks For Board Gamer Lovers

Welcome to Meeple People Cufflinks.

At Meeple People we’re (unsurprisingly) extremely passionate about board games! Carcassonne and Survive are still amongst our favourite meeple-placement games, despite having played them both well over a hundred of times. In fact, almost every board gamer we know has a special love for worker placement games, particularly Carcassonne.

That's what makes our Meeple Cufflinks so special. They're unusual, quirky and best of all, they help us express our love off board games. So, if you're looking for a gift for your husband, dad or brother and they're into board games, look no further. These inexpensive meeple cufflinks are the perfect choice, and will quickly become the talk of all their gamer friends. 

We offer a variety of meeple colours, including a few that are metallic. So whether you're looking for a wedding, Christmas or birthday gift, we should be able to help. We even have a new Meeple Cufflink Wedding Collection, so be sure to check that out.