Coloured Meeple Cufflinks

Welcome to our coloured Meeple Cufflink section.

Here you'll find a wide range of coloured meeple cufflinks. We have all the usual colours so that you, our board game loving customer, can choose your favourite meeple. We even have some meeples painted in less common colours so that you’re able to match your cufflinks with your tie or your partners outfit. 

These coloured meeple cufflinks are hugely popular with wedding parties who share a passion for board games, or as Birthday gifts for men who are into games such as Carcassonne and Survive. The cufflink backs are silver-plated and all meeple cufflinks come in a black organza bag so that they’re ready to gift.  

So, whether you spend your time battling it out over board games or you’re just looking for a pair of unusual, good quality cufflinks as a gift, look no further. These colourful meeple cufflinks are guaranteed to impress. 

Within this section you will find our coloured meeple cufflinks. These cufflinks have a standard matte finish that you would find in most meeple placement board games. These are hugely popular and there’s a colour to suit everyone’s taste.