Wedding Meeple Cufflinks

Welcome to our brand-new Meeple Cufflink Wedding Collection.

Each cufflink within this section is sold individually, allowing you to mix and match to create the perfect pair to represent you and your betrothed.

Obviously we’re a little biased, but we can’t think of a better wedding gift than these cufflinks. Not only will they bring personality and flare to the grooms wedding suit, but they’ll also serve as a cherished reminder and keepsake of the special day. They truly do make the most specular gift, not just for board gamers (who, let’s face it, are going to lose their mind over how amazing they are!) but for all couples because they are unique and personal.

All cufflink sets come in a small black organza bag, so whether you're buying them for your own wedding or as a gift they'll be perfectly presented.

Remember to check out our coloured cufflinks too because they make fantastic gifts for your Groomsmen. If there’s a specific colour that you’re looking for please feel free to drop us an email and we’ll do out very best to accommodate.

Our Story -

The idea for was born a couple of months before my own wedding back in 2015. I'd been searching high and low for the best part of a year for the perfect wedding gift for my soon-to-be-husband, but to no avail. Everything was either too expensive, to generic or simply not to his taste or style. Needless to say (and as many of you might understand), I was beginning to think that the perfect gift would allude me forever!

One morning while eating breakfast I had an amazing idea (if I do say so myself) for what we could use as our ‘guest book’, a make-your-own Monopoly board. Monopoly holds a very special place in our hearts and after a bit of searching I managed to find one online. It got me thinking about how else we could incorporate our love of board games into our wedding day, and together we can up with some fun ideas. It also got me thinking that perhaps I could somehow give him something relating for board games as a special gift, and after a bit more searching online, I found one place in the US who sold meeple cufflinks. Their estimated delivery time overshot our wedding by about 3 weeks, which got me thinking that perhaps I should make a set myself.

Well, four different types of glue later I finally achieved my goal. When I gave them to him on our wedding day his eyes literally filled up with tears (they filled up again a few weeks later when he realised that I’d used a green and a yellow meeple from our game of Carcassonne), and he still has them now, sitting beside a frame photo of us at our wedding.

They were the perfect gift. Personal to us, unique and a bit of fun too. It was only when, not two, but three of his friends asked if I could make meeple cufflinks for their wedding day that I realised that the UK needed a meeple cufflink site. And, here we are. I’m delighted to say that we’ve supplied countless wedding parties. Our meeple cufflinks have been worn by Grooms, Groomsmen and by more than one Best Man! What I’ve come to realise is that they make the most phenomenal gift for board gamers, but that they also make a fantastic gift for anyone searching for cufflinks to match their wedding colour scheme.