Metallic Meeple Cufflinks

Welcome to our metallic Meeple Cufflink section.

Here you'll find metallic gold, silver and bronze meeple cufflinks. They are among our most popular sets because they're stylish and subtle, while still being quirky and fun. We started offering these metallic options because we had a few people wanting to buy meeple cufflinks as a gift but were a little concerned that the standard colours would either clash with the recipient's suit, tie or shirt, or simply felt that they were perhaps a little too bright. Here at Meeple-People we feel that there's no such thing as too bright, but we like to do our very best to make sure all our customers are catered for and so we sought out a supplier of these metallic meeples. We have to say, it was a great move. These cufflinks are absolutely stunning! So stunning in fact that we've had people ordering them who don't even play board games. So, whether you like to spend your time battling it out over a board game or you're just looking for a pair of unusual, good quality cufflinks, look no further. These metallic meeple cufflinks are guaranteed to impress. 

All cufflinks come in a black organza bag, making them ideal gifts for your board gamer friends and family.