About Us

Meeple People Cufflinks was started in 2015 and during that time we have enabled so many people to show their love of board games and bring a piece of their personality to special events such as weddings, christenings, Christmas parties and any other occasions that call for cufflinks!

It all started when I was trying to think of a special gift to give my fiancé for our wedding day. I wanted something that would combine our joint love of board games while being subtle and tasteful. Then the idea hit me and I set about finding the best way to create meeple cufflinks. After some trial and error I created my first set of meeple cufflinks, and naturally, my fiancé adored them. He was the envy of his ushers that’s for sure as they’re all gamers themselves. Throughout the day lots of our friends and family who are also into board games commented on how they’d definitely wear a pair of meeple cufflinks and asked if I could make them a pair, and that’s how Meeple People was born.

Since then I made and sold more sets than I can count and it truly warms my heart to hear how much my customers love them.